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Board practices

  • Frequent executive sessions of independent directors
  • Annual Board and committee self evaluations
  • Continual assessment of Board refreshment
  • Oversight of risk management practices, fostering a risk-aware culture while encouraging thoughtful risk-taking
  • Consideration of issues of cyber readiness, adversary assessment and our risk profile status and keeping informed of simulations and response plans, including for cyber and data breaches
  • Active engagement in managing talent and long-term succession planning

Board policies

  • Annual election of directors
  • Majority voting for director elections
  • 12 of 14 director nominees are independent
  • Proxy access
  • Stock ownership guidelines for directors

Board diversity

  • 29% of our director nominees identify as female
  • 57% of our director nominees identify as racially diverse
  • 64% of our director nominees are non-U.S. citizens and/or have international experience

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