Smart Interface offers merchants an intelligent, layered approach to secure the checkout experience with a single, flexible connection.

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One simple, direct integration

Send transactional and behavioral data through a single, payment brand-agnostic platform using the EMV® 3-D Secure infrastructure and bridge the information gap with issuers.

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Added layers of authentication

Leverage behavioral biometrics to further authenticate consumers without friction, even before a payment.

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Connected Intelligence®

Machine learning seamlessly helps thread together data points along the customer journey in real time, enabling an accurate, adaptive, and more intelligent authorization decision.

Smart Interface raises the standard with pre-payment and payment authentication in one simplified solution.


Before the payment: behavioral biometrics powered by NuDetect

  • Funnels out automated attacks related to screen scraping, credit and gift card cycling, and account cycling
  • Analyzes behavioral data such as keystroke analysis, typing speed, deviations, and pressure points to identify bad actors
  • Leverage billions of data points to analyze in real time through machine learning

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During the payment: authentication through EMV® 3-D Secure rails

  • Increased approvals of genuine card-not-present transactions with accurate authentication
  • Fewer false positive/erroneous declines of genuine transactions
  • Decrease card-not-present fraud
  • Intelligently populate optional data fields in authentication requests
  • Rules engine tailored to enhance decisioning and manage compliance with global regulations

Proven Results when leveraging behavioral biometrics and EMV 3DS for authentication at checkout


accuracy in bot detection, leading to a higher level of security and fraud prevention


automated attacks mitigated with behavioral biometrics


increase in approvals when leveraging EMV 3DS for payment authentication


drop in fraud when leveraging EMV 3DS for payment authentication

Authentication that’s as seamless as it is secure. Mastercard is here to help.