Travel tips from Mastercard

Protect Yourself From Fraud & Theft When Travelling: Plan, Prepare and Pack

With rest, relaxation and fun on their minds, many Canadians overlook the trouble, headache and inconvenience of theft and fraud that can occur while travelling. Mastercard Canada recommends these tips below to help you be financially prepared and safe wherever you go. 



Pack your Mastercard.

A credit card is the safest and most reliable way to spend when you travel. Mastercard is accepted around the world, and cardholders are protected from unauthorized transactions because of a lost or stolen card with Mastercard Zero Liability. Plus, you’ll have a detailed record of your spending when you get home.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

In the unfortunate case that your card is lost or stolen, Mastercard Global Services® can help. We help you with reporting a Lost or Stolen Card, obtaining an emergency card replacement, finding an ATM location, or answering questions on your account.