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Our increasingly on-demand society expects money movement to keep up

Whether getting paid, paying bills or sending money back and forth, today’s digital-first consumers and businesses demand immediacy. With the Real-Time Rail (RTR) expected to launch in Canada in 2022, the very near future will see real-time payments being sent and received securely within seconds, 24/7/365.

Payments Canada has chosen Vocalink, a Mastercard company, as the clearing and settlement provider for the RTR. Underpinned by the ISO 20022 data standard, the RTR will also support rich payment information travelling with every payment and will act as a platform for future innovation.

NEXT in Payments: A future-focused look at the ways real-time payments will redefine how we pay

In this video series, Mastercard will deep-dive into the innovations in payments modernization and their impact on Canadians, and experts will share their unique and informed POVs on what’s next. Come back often for future NEXT in Payments videos.