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A Bank Identification Number (BIN) Account Range Table is a list of instructions that provides parties in the payment ecosystem with accurate and current account range assignment information for routing transactions globally. Mastercard is offering a Simplified BIN Account Range Table for use by other ecosystem participants in addition to the more robust BIN Account Range Table information that is already provided to Mastercard’s direct customers. Making BIN Account Range Table information available to all entities in the ecosystem will help end erroneous declines due to use of inaccurate BIN and account range information.

To view the details of what is included in the Simplified BIN Account Range Table, please view our Simplified BIN Account Range Table Reference Guide.

If you are a merchant or third party and would like to access richer BIN Account Range Table information, please see the BIN Account Range Table Resource File API available via Mastercard Developers.

If you are an acquirer or processor, please continue to work with your CIS or TAM representative on your existing BIN Account Range Table efforts.

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To download the latest Simplified BIN Account Range Table, please click below: