On 16 July 2018, Mastercard® announced the 2019 “Mastercard Enterprise Solutions – Freight Program Interchange Rate” interchange program and rate, which is effective from 12 April 2019. The Mastercard Enterprise Solutions (MES) interchange rates apply to commercial industry verticals.

The Freight Program will be the first commercial industry vertical to be launched and will enable participating entities to make payments linked to the distribution of freight utilizing virtual Mastercard account numbers. The virtual Mastercard account number can be used to settle freight transactions from anywhere in the world, at any point in time.

The new MES interchange rates provide differentiated operating guidelines to help participants compete more effectively in the payments market and to increase merchant acceptance for payments currently captured by cheque and other forms of payment.

MES Freight Program interchange rates apply to freight transactions that are acquired anywhere in the world and that are initiated with virtual Mastercard account numbers issued anywhere in the world.

Mastercard Enterprise Solutions – Freight Program Qualifying Criteria

To qualify for this program, freight transactions must meet the following qualifying criteria:

  • Freight transactions between shippers, freight forwarders, consignees, freight handling agents, customs brokers, and other suppliers in the freight ecosystem
  • Transacted using a virtual Mastercard account number
  • Limited to the card acceptor business codes (MCCs) within the freight industry listed below
  • Must not be applied to domestic arrangements in markets that have regulated interchange or are targeted at such markets

Business (CAB) Program: CF01 – Commercial Freight

Card Acceptor Business Code (MCC) and Description

  • MCCs 3000–3350 – Airlines, Air Carriers
  • MCC 4011 – Railroads, Freight
  • MCC 4214 – Motor Freight Carriers, Trucking – Long Distance, Moving and Storage Companies, Local Delivery
  • MCC 4215 – Courier Services – Air and Ground, Freight Forwarders
  • MCC 4511 – Air Carriers, Airlines – Not Elsewhere Classified
  • MCC 4789 – Transportation Services – Not Elsewhere Classified
  • MCC 4112 – Passenger Railways
  • MCC 4111 – Transportation – Suburban and Local Commuter Passenger, Including Ferries
  • MCC 7299 – Other Services Not Elsewhere Classified
  • MCC 9311 – Tax Payments
  • MCC 9402 – Postal Services – Government Only
  • MCC 9399 – Government Services Not Elsewhere Classified

Mastercard Enterprise Solutions – Freight Program Interchange

Transactions must meet the above requirements to qualify for this interchange program.

IRD and Program Name Interchange Rate
IRD FF – Freight Program 1.80%