Feel Safe From
Unauthorized Purchases.

On the Web. Or anywhere else. You're always secure.

When you use your MasterCard, you're protected against fraud

As a MasterCard cardholder, Zero Liability applies to your purchases made in the store, over the telephone, online, or via a mobile device and ATM transactions. Have peace of mind knowing that the financial institution that issued your MasterCard won't hold you responsible for unauthorized use if:

  1. you have used reasonable care in safeguarding your card, including not contributing to any unauthorized use, and safeguarding any related Personal Identification Number (PIN) or password; and
  2. you report the loss or theft of your card immediately after becoming aware of it to your financial institution.

If you believe there has been unauthorized use on your account and you meet the conditions above, rest easy knowing you have the protection of MasterCard’s Zero Liability promise.

Zero Liability does not apply to Commercial cards*, unregistered prepaid cards or gift cards.

*Unless designated as "Small Business" (see and select "Cards" under "Small Business")

What to do

If you have questions regarding Zero Liability coverage or you suspect unauthorized use of your card, contact the financial institution that issued your MasterCard IMMEDIATELY.

NOTE: MasterCard endorses the Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Debit Card Services Appendix A. Clause 5 which includes long standing guidelines around PIN control, etc. Card issuers may use this in deciding if Zero Liability coverage applies.