MasterCard Recurring Bill Payments

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Learn how to pay recurring monthly bills automatically with your MasterCard® card.

Paying your recurring monthly bills has never been easier. With MasterCard Recurring Bill Payment options, you can pre-authorize participating merchants to automatically charge your MasterCard card on a recurring basis. Paying your recurring monthly bills with your MasterCard card is a safe and convenient way to:

  • Earn rewards for paying your monthly bills
  • Avoid late payment fees
  • Do away with cheque-writing hassles

A Recurring Bill Payment is an arrangement where you may pre-authorize a merchant to automatically charge your MasterCard card account on a recurring basis. Payments may be made monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. – depending on what you and the merchant agree upon. The pre-authorized recurring payment can be a fixed dollar amount, or it can fluctuate like your phone bill. And, you can stop recurring payments at any time or use this payment method indefinitely.

See Recurring Bill Payments FAQs

Please note: If your MasterCard card is lost or stolen, you should immediately report the problem to your financial institution for assistance. Upon receiving a new card, you must contact each merchant/service provider with whom you have a recurring bill payment relationship to update your billing information.


The MasterCard® Biller Directory provides a listing of the most popular merchants that accept MasterCard card recurring payments.

If you cannot find a specific merchant in the Biller Directory, you will need to contact them to determine if they accept a MasterCard card for recurring bill payments.